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My name is Emily Maples, and I am from Raleigh, NC. I have been practicing professionally since 2016, and have loved every minute of it. Let's connect!


Who Am I?

And what do I do?

Ever since I can remember, I have experienced the paranormal. I have so many stories of either seeing fae folk, my Great Grandfather who had passed over, and astral projection. This all made me quite curious about the things that my parents and pastors could not explain.
When I turned 19, I knew I had to develop my intuition and use it to help those who were open. In 2016, I began practicing professionally.
I am an experienced Psychic-Medium and Tarot card reader, as well as a Shaman, following the Norse tradition.
When I am not doing sessions, I enjoy working in a local metaphysical store, and painting.
My favorite part of this work is creating partnerships with clients, where we can both learn and support each other.


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What clients have to say


Emily has been a great assistance to uncovering spiritual manners. With an unique reading style her intuition brings a different kinda of light to a situation.

Amy Ryan


I booked a 30 minute reading with Emily and was not disappointed! She gave me a detailed trajectory of the upcoming year AND helped me make contact with my grandfather on the Spirit realm. She gave detailed information that only he and I would know and man did it bring me to tear! She is incredibly gifted, empathetic and an all around wonderful practioner. 5 stars!!

Clarissa Farmer


I tend to remain generally skeptic of most readers, but then you find a gem, much like mama maples, whose keen abilities and clear insight leave you breathless. I left my first reading moved to near tears because that valuable and rare insight she provided into my spiritual and physical life. Her mediumship skills are unmatched as it felt like she was able to pierce the veil. 10/10 great couples therapy too.

Aaron Klitsch


In-depth on the services offered


I am able to channel passed over loved ones, spirit guides, ancestors - anyone you need to speak with.
This is channeling, so no cards are used.


I have worked with tarot for years and love this way of getting messages. I usually use the celtic cross in sessions, which is an in-depth, 10 card spread.

Shaman Energy Work

I am initiated into the Norse shaman tradition (I am a Volva), and I use this particular skill set to do energetic clearings, and soul retrieval.



“In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it."


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